GEORGES LENTZ - composer / sound artist
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Born in Luxembourg in 1965, Georges Lentz studied music at the Paris Conservatoire and at the Hannover Musikhochschule. Since 1989, he has been working on a cycle of works called "Caeli enarrant..." ('The Heavens are telling...' - Psalm XIX). His music is concerned with astronomy, a love of the Australian landscape and Aboriginal art, and reflects the composer's spiritual and existential beliefs, questions and doubts. He has been living in Australia since 1990.

Through high profile international performances and CD releases, Georges Lentz has established himself in recent years as one of Australia's leading composers - this despite the fact that he is far from being a prolific writer. Being given to self-doubt, he rarely publishes new compositions, rarely accepts commissions, and tends to work on each of his pieces over a number of years.

Georges Lentz won the 1997 Paul Lowin Prize for orchestral composition, the most prestigious composition prize in Australia. His orchestral work 'Guyuhmgan' was the top recommended work at the UNESCO's 2002 International Rostrum of Composers in Paris. His music has been performed by distinguished ensembles and orchestras around the world. It is published by Universal Edition in Vienna.