GEORGES LENTZ - composer / sound artist
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The world around us is complexity and simplicity - complexity WITHIN simplicity and simplicity WITHIN complexity. The scientific approach to understanding the world is one of zooming into the detail of our physical world's breathtaking complexity. A more philosophical/spiritual/artistic/religious view might tend towards stepping back from such overwhelming and awe-inspiring complexity (which most of us are not skilled to fully comprehend anyway!), and contemplating possible patterns, perhaps even a "meaning" or "big picture" behind and beyond all this extraordinary detail. Both attitudes are equally valid and important and necessitate each other.

In ART, no great work is ever just simple or just complex, it will always be both. Any work of art that is just complex is exhausting, any work that is just simple is naive and boring. Together and only together, simplicity and complexity make BEAUTY. Beauty is always on the side of light and of life.

G. L. 2009