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For information about Georges Lentz and his work, follow the links below:

Catalogue of works    
Publisher: Universal Edition, Vienna (UE)
About "Caeli enarrant..." III
About 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
About Alkere from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
About Monh from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
    * Watch an interview with Tabea Zimmermann about Monh (in German)
About Ingwe from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
    * Watch a documentary about Ingwe (43 min. - in 5 parts)
About Jerusalem (after Blake) from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII)
About String Quartet(s) from 'Mysterium' ("Caeli enarrant..." VII) (in progress)
    * View the original Kathleen Petyarre painting which forms an integral part of String Quartet(s)
Listen to some audio samples
Texts by Richard Toop, Gordon Kerry and Georges Lentz
A photo of Georges Lentz


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